Agricultural Economics & Extension

The Department of Agricultural Economics and Extension offers research options in both Agricultural Economics, and Agricultural Extension and Rural Development. It has the capability to drive the laudable goal of the University at raising solution providers in the fields of agriculture. The curriculum is designed to help produce graduates that will revolutionize farming in Nigeria and beyond. The graduates from this Department are expected to have the requisite knowledge of conducting feasibility studies to determine and decide on a profitable venture, accurately forecast prospects, capable of monitoring and evaluation of projects, and understanding the working dynamics of farm related enterprises, resource allocation and marketing of agricultural products. They have also been taught the benefits of outreach programmes that will impact sustainable farming technology, farm and crop management skills, storage and marketing positively on the people through the propagation of agricultural practices in Nigeria and beyond. This is in addition to the evolution and adaptation of modern methods in the dissemination of agricultural research findings to local (grassroot), national and international farming communities.

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