• » To enhance students’ acquisition of the understanding of basic natural science concepts in agriculture;
  • » To enhance students’ comprehension of agricultural science concepts, principles, theories and skills in crop production, livestock production, and soil management, fisheries and renewable resources;
  • » To inculcate in students fundamental principles, theories and knowledge in all branches of agricultural economics including production, farm management, marketing, policy and development, finance, project monitoring and evaluation;
  • » To equip students with skills to work in an interdisciplinary environment and collaborate with technical scientists in developing new technologies that improves yield, nutritional qualities, storage values and various prototype equipments for agro –businesses;
  • » To equip students with skills for carrying out economic analysis, feasibility studies, establishing appropriate monitoring and impact assessment mechanisms for Local, States and Federal governments, NGO’s , and international agencies;
  • » To equip students with relational skills that can strengthen linkages with private and public enterprises.
  • » To make our research finding available to local, national and international communities.

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